photographer | Tracy Doyle
wardrobe/prop stylist | Chelsea Cutrell
hair stylist | Michael Sparto
makeup artist | Hannah Dorton
models | New View Models, Elizabeth K. and Ali G.

Wardrobe credits:
black dress and tights | Kron Kron
vintage kimonos | Swoon
fur collars | Feldur Verkstæði
gray scarf and leather purse | Geysir
vintage nightshirt and jodhpurs | Bibi à Paris
plaid scarf | Heritage of Scotland
pink silk sash | Calle Evans
Lunar Nomad Oracle printed scarf | Shaheen Miro
sienna scarf | Ozma, from Idlewild Woman
blue silk blouse | Free People 

With a nod to tradition and cultural heritage and an added dose of play, the models interact in a surreal environment. The garments selected informed each locale of the farmhouse kitchen scenes—Japan and Scotland. A curious, holistic approach to scene composition was utilized by merging the aesthetics and set elements.

The intent of the photo shoot was to collaboratively create a dreamscape of fanciful fashion elements alongside rustic and simplistic table settings. Inspiration for this visual narrative came from still life paintings of food with limited color palettes, strong sources of light contrasting with shadow, and a collection of distinct garments. Styling and lighting design were regarded equally to embrace the captivating textures and colors and to evoke emotion.