words GRACE S. YEK, CCC, M.S. | photography DEOGRACIAS LERMA

The Art of Food brought out the fresh produce, animals (on two legs), and humans alike on Friday evening at The Carnegie in Covington, Kentucky. It was an artistically charged evening with many delightful metaphors on display.

Now in its tenth year, the Art of Food brings together local chefs and artists who showcase their talents. The theme this year, “Farm to Gallery”, was a re-imagination of the farm-to-table movement. Pam Kravetz, the lead artist, along with her brilliant team, took the event to a new high. The performing artists, dressed up as animals and fresh produce, electrified the room with their dazzling makeup and costuming.

The chefs put on an utterly delicious show of their own. A few of them even dressed up to play along: Jean-Robert grew horns, Frances Kroner played the queen bee, and Kate Cook was quite the vintage farmer with her embellished overalls, straw hat, and veil.

The food was as memorable as it was creative. There was something for everyone ranging from paté, to shrimp salad, to exquisite truffles. The chefs who participated on Friday night included:

The proceeds from the evening go toward supporting The Carnegie.




Grace Yek, food editor at Polly Magazine, is a certified chef de cuisine with the American Culinary Federation, and a former chemical engineer.

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