In an exciting announcement from Entertainment Weekly, Polly magazine feature artist Asha Ama Daniels was unveiled as one of thirteen designers slated to compete in the new season of Lifetime Television’s Project Runway All Stars.

A finalist of Lifetime’s 2014 Under the Gunn, Asha, a creative soul, experienced a tremendous amount of growth through that season. And while she had always worked at a fast pace, challenge expectations at Under the Gunn took that skill to the next level, not an ounce of technique lost in the execution.

Asha says, “I learned that I am a designer who can work with prints. I can print mix and make bold and daring choices, not just in silhouette and in construction but also within color and prints.” The evolution of her work from day one on the show to her Queen Nefertiti-meets-Harlem finale runway show was a visual depiction of that growth.

Since Under the Gunn, Asha has continued to expand her design skills and build her confidence, both apparent in the creation of an amazing Afropunk-inspired Fall 2015 collection released under her design label, Asha Ama.

Asha, who believes “you can’t second guess yourself at all,” will no doubt capitalize on her talent and tenacity in the new competition while staying true to Tim Gunn’s words: “make it work.”

The new season of Project Runway All Stars begins February 11th at 9 pm ET on Lifetime. Click here to read Polly magazine’s feature on Asha.